Ultimate Guide To The Bloodstalker! How To Use It And Secrets Abilities! Ark: Genesis DLC

Author: Syntac

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So the blood stalker is quite a complex creature this thing could do so much and I’ve had so many people ask you need to do like a bit of a guide video on how to actually use it every single thing that can do because you might not even know everything that this thing could do but we’re gonna show you here in this video so guys go ahead and hit the like button I will be talking in terms of PC controls but I’ll try and also include the controls for console on the screen at the same time so yeah let’s get into it so I do just want to note that maybe some of my translation from PC to console controls might not be 100% correct but feel free to correct me down below so first of all we’re gonna start out with webbing so there’s a couple of different ways that you can start off shooting out your webs you can hit left-click and that’s gonna shoot one or you can hit right-click and that’s gonna shoot too but you can also hit left-click and then point somewhere else and hit right-click and then shoot too so one and then another and that’s almost a way of just positioning yourself to go in a certain direction the way to actually get rid of your webs is you can hit X or ctrl both of those will work the exact same so when using the single web you can do a couple different things here if I point directly at where the web is or just in its general direction and hold down left-click it’s gonna draw me and really quick like this but if I was to point anywhere else it’s still gonna draw me and just not as quick as you can see it’s almost like there’s a resistance to it and when you’re actually using the left-click that is the way to pretty much just swing so as you can see I’m swinging quite a lot using the left-click is the best way to get around while swinging like this instead of like pulling yourself forward and launching yourself around when using right click if you point anywhere on the screen it’s gonna draw you in a lot quicker than left-click will as you can see I’m not even gonna face it at all and it’s drawing me and very very quick like that now we’re gonna go over how to get around using the left click web so we’re gonna shoot it out next I’m gonna draw myself in around halfway and then we’re gonna point forward and just kind of hold forward and then we’re gonna press space to do a jump so here we go point forward and then a jump and that’s actually how you do that really cool jump by the way alternatively if you want to you could also just hit X and just D latch but it’s just not as effective so while using the jump it doesn’t even matter what direction you’re facing and you can launch yourself right off to the side doesn’t even matter look at this I basically launched myself almost backwards there it’s crazy I’m gonna do it here again boom it’s awesome so next I’m gonna just show you guys a bit of an example of me using this so we’re gonna just get around just a little bit while just using the left click single web as you can see I’m getting around very very quick you want to obviously keep in mind that you want lots of momentum and large angles like this to get yourself really really far.

Obviously this terrain here is not perfect to do it in but it’s a bit more of a challenge and that’s what I really wanted to kind of get across here doing this in the bog biome would have been a lot easier but also it’s it’s very very dangerous there and if you’re not very good at using these things using it in the bog biome might not be the best idea considering the fact that there’s more of these guys up the trees that want to drink your blood so now we’re gonna go over the right-click abilities so first thing to note about this is that you have two little crosshairs there we have the one just on that metal thing and then another one on that tree this is how you position two webs in two different areas obviously sometimes they’re gonna go very very close to each other like that but if you kind of position yourself a little bit you can actually make them go completely separate which is gonna help a little bit with your swinging and launching so while using the right-click I’m gonna swing myself in here I’m gonna press space I’m gonna do it again right there you can kind of swing a little bit but it also pulls you in a lot more if you hold down right click I find that the right-click is a little bit easier and a little bit quicker for getting around with but yeah as you can see here we’re kind of getting a little bit stuck on the trees so let me actually try and show you guys it’s very very difficult to separate them but as we as you can see right there we managed to do it let’s separate them again oh I thought I would have it there but then it disappeared let’s try and do that again there we go so as you can see like we’re getting around very very quick with this it’s a lot easier to get higher as well while using the right-click but it’s pretty much very very similar to using the left-click the only difference is that it’s just a lot faster so let’s go over how to actually use them in combination with each other so you can start off with using just the left click and swinging yourself in like this but I prefer to launch myself off first of all with a right-click so I’ve shot a web over there and a web right here and we’re gonna draw ourselves in and now we’re gonna start swinging just a little bit so I’m gonna make a giant swing right here I might need to pull myself just a little yeah there we go nice okay let’s do that it’ll shoot another web over there launch ourselves forward let’s do it again boom so sometimes you might need to be moving your camera around quite a lot with this guy but yeah it’s it’s really really simple once you get the hang of it now we’re gonna talk about wall climbing so first of all if you’re on the ground you can hold down shift and that’s gonna get you this thing up here that says climbing pretty much the exact same as a rock Drake if I’m holding that down and walking up to a surface it’s gonna put me right onto the wall and I’m gonna be able to walk up it you don’t actually have to hold shift while you’re on the wall and you can completely just move around and hit left right backwards it doesn’t really matter you can go in whatever direction you want to when you’re on the wall you can hit a couple buttons to let go you can hit X it’s just gonna drop you or spacebar also does it as well another way to latch onto walls or surfaces is to draw yourself completely in I recommend using right-click as you can see it’s kind of weird right now but if I hold down space it’s gonna completely latch me like that so I’m gonna show you that one more time it’s really simple and we’re on when trying to latch onto a surface you can’t hold shift to do it like that when you’re drawing yourself in with the web it just doesn’t work so next up let’s go over jumping so obviously this thing just has a normal jump like that if you hit spacebar or you can hit spacebar and then hit it again and get another jump this guy’s also got a super jump so if you hold down spacebar I’m just kind of like let it charge up it doesn’t really take long at all and then let go it’s gonna launch you right up into the sky like that and that’s a great way to take off and obviously after that point you can shoot some webs and get around you can also combine this with another jump in the air like that but it doesn’t really take you very high up if you hold down space charge up a thing hold down shift and then forward its gonna do this it’s kind of like launching you forward it looks really cool so you can also glide on the blood stalker first of all I’m gonna just jump up into the air and then I’m gonna hold down control you can actually come out of like a web swing into a glide which is very cool but also when you’re in the glide mode you can combine this with some jumps and actually just stay up into the sky just a little bit but you can’t span those jumps a huge amount you can also aim the jump slightly while gliding and get around like this or I can go kind of sideways as well or backwards so the blood stalker has this ability known as spider vision it highlights creatures that you can grab like that tamed creatures and then it does not highlight creatures that you can’t grab so as you can see this Rhino over here not highlighted at all doesn’t matter if I was to attack him or anything like that he would not get highlighted if you really want to I don’t see why you would but you can actually disable the spider vision right in here so to grapple in creatures what you got to do is just kind of get your crosshair purple and the purple like circles around the creature you don’t even have to be directly on it and then you want to hit left-click at that point you can hold it down and drag them fully in and he’s just gonna start eating it at the same time that your blood stocker will start eating at the blood and obviously get healed from that there’s a 10 second cooldown between uses of the grappling ability but you can also do this you can hop off and he’s just gonna pull it straight in for his little meal you can also grapple in creatures when you’re mounted on the surface and one thing that you could potentially do is you’d probably need an extra person but you could just like hang them half way like this just suspend them in the air and have another first and shoot it it’s not very effective if you’re by yourself because as you can see when I’m trying to aim at it he’s kind of like moving a little bit the blood stalker turns a little bit it’s just that would be very difficult to get right although I mean it’s probably possible so let’s pull this dodo fully in and eat it my little blood stalkers hungry up here so this ability could also be used to drag around creatures a little bit sometimes they kind of like I guess the web gets broken but most of the time you can roughly drag them around and it’s to be really handy with dragging around like an anchor or a dodok or something one very horrifying thing about this ability is the fact that it does in fact work on your own creatures as you can see I can pull in low Momo right here I could potentially kill him if I wanted to if I hopped off or crashed right now he would get eaten but I don’t really want that to happen because I love my little guy so if you think the ability to eat your own creatures is horrifying this is even worse if you’re riding on a blood stalker and he takes damage and gets below 40 percent of his maximum health he will start to eat you and you’re gonna see that happen right now as you can see he’s eating me it’s horrifying look at that he’s healing a little bit not a huge amount and I am dying quite quick he also doesn’t care he’ll just drain you until he’s above 40 percent there is a way to counteract him actually eating you if you have blood packs in your inventory he’ll drink those instead of your own blood so to attack when you’re using this creature you want to hit see it’s the only attack button so as you can see we kind of do slices with the little arms right there and we’ve just killed this dodok now here’s something really funny once you’ve already killed a creature you can actually pick them up by going up to it and hitting G that’s gonna pick up the corpse now this is gonna really slow you down but you can actually use your webs to get around doing this if you jump in anyway it’s gonna drop the corpse so we don’t want to do that at all but yeah it’s kind of funny this could be very useful for getting around while maybe holding like a novice or something obviously we’ve got to kind of shoot through the dodok so it gets a little bit awkward sometimes as you can see the webs just aren’t working there we go they finally work those straw yourselves in but uh yeah you hold on to it pretty steady here obviously there I kind of bumped against that rock so we had to let go you’ll have a lot of fun if you bring your blood stalker to the ocean biome on Genesis because this thing can actually skim across the surface of the water we have a water walking ability up at the corner right there and we can also target fish and drag them up to the surface to eat they just kind of die immediately though while you’re on the surface of the water if you hit X you’ll start to dive down this thing’s not that great in the water he’s relatively quick but obviously it’s not really much of a fighter and there’s a lot of dangerous creatures in the ocean unfortunately as well see is the attack button and the sea in the water will take you lower so whenever you go to attack you’re just gonna go lower in the water it’s also worth mentioning that the webs do not work when you’re in the water if you want to get out of the water you can just swim right up to the surface and then just hit X and it would just take you directly on to the surface again so now we’re gonna go over some of the different abilities that it has so first of all if you were on a web and you want to lower yourself you can hold down C to do so so the left click web can also be used to kind of pendulum yourself around like this so I just have a single web of.

I’m just hitting like left and right and kind of going with the swing here and after a little minute here you’ll see we’re kind of getting some nice momentum like this so that’s really cool and it’s it’s kind of a little bit fun as well it’s worth noting that if the blood stalker is on fire you cannot do any webs so be very cautious with this dude in the volcano area while using the blood stalker if you try to pull out a weapon he’s gonna actually stand up like this and kind of walk around a little bit slower than he usually would but you can full-on just use whatever you want weapons tools mining tool I definitely recommend because these guys have pretty decent weight to be honest it’s worth noting that you can also pull out weapons on the blood stalker when you’re latched to surfaces or even when you’re swinging as well so if you throw out some webs and then walk backwards as you can see they start to get a little bit attention and then if you let go your blood stalker just flies forward it’s not that useful but it is kind of cool so something really funny about the blood stalker is that you can actually use emotes while on it now your character doesn’t do it but the blood stalker does here is the thank you one as you can see does a bit of a bow then we also have taunt yes-and-no also work but they’re not very noticeable the other two that work are Panik and Archer flex also bicep smooch does the exact same thing as the archer flex so here is the archer flex and then here it is panic although this is pretty much not even panic emote I do believe that they kind of mix this up or something because it seems like he’s doing the dance this also works if you dismount the creature so you could probably create some sort of little scenario where you know your creatures dancing behind you and then you can dance in front of them oh my god that is perfect synchronization’ also these emotes do work when you’re riding on the surface of the water okay so this is a really weird one but drink beer and look at the blood stalker names first of all just look at the names they’re not anything different and then we drink beer this is amazing like spaghetti monster I love it so yeah that is what happens when you drink beer and look at soccer’s I’m guessing in a drunken state you might think that this is something crazier than it is even though it’s pretty crazy oh my god I went out of render distance and some of these names changed oh I went away damn it okay so from what I could tell riding around on a blood stalker while drunk doesn’t really seem to make a difference but maybe I’m missing something I’m not sure so that is it for everything that the blood stalker can do at least I think I mean I’m learning new things every single day with this dude and it’s already been out like two weeks now so guys if you did enjoy this video go ahead and hit the like button if you want to see more like this you can of course subscribe and let me know which one of these abilities is your favorite and if I left anything out definitely let me know down below I won’t follow up this video but I’ll probably like hark those comments or something so yeah I’ll catch you in the next one.

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