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Going over everything you need to know about Warmind Seraph Bunkers, Upgrades, the Seraph Tower event, Warmind Bits, & More!

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What is up guys Rick CAC is here thank you so much for stopping by and today we have the ultimate warmind guide everything you need to know about upgrading your bunker unlocking rewards grinding currencies the brand new serif tower public event and more so let’s get started now this video is absolutely chock-full of information but unfortunately it isn’t quite as flashy as all the videos baiting the exotics that aren’t in the game yet so please guys if you find this video helpful support it by liking sharing or just telling a friend the more people that see this the better your teammates and Seraph tower events are gonna be so at the beginning we have an initial quest when you first start season of the worthy it’s going to lead you to the heed easy bunker the warmind and it’s gonna have you clear out the bunker now this process of clearing it out is actually a daily event so after every reset you can do that again and you’re going to get some currency for doing so and unlock the ability to do the heroic loss sector now there’s a lot to unpack there firstly let’s talk about these currencies and the process of upgrading your bunker because as you continually upgrade your bunker you’re going to level it up you’re going to unlock new things and that includes new weapons the Seraph weapons and also continual rewards to help you level up this faster and unlock more things to help you do the heroic loss sectors faster and stuff like that so there’s actually three types of currencies you need to be aware of the first type is the green currency these warmind bits are used for purchasing upgrades for a bunker so if you go to the upgrade section everything at Rank 1 Rank 2 and rank 3 just requires the war mined bits a certain material and then legendary shards but there’s also the blue version of this currency encrypted warmind bits these are used for rewards so purchasing the bounties for the brand new weapons those require the blue additionally opening the warmind caches at the end of either a seraph tower event or the legendary lost sectors those are also going to require the blue currency so green for upgrades blue for rewards the third currency is the chipset currency now this is another green currency but chipsets are given to you whenever you unlock an upgrade so when you purchase an upgrade with warmind bits you get a certain amount of chipsets based on the rank of that upgrade and then you use chipsets to upgrade your actual rank of your bunker okay so the most important thing off the bat is to simply start upgrading your bunker this is going to allow you to gain things to upgrade it faster and that is going to let you actually get the rewards like you can’t even get the bounties for the Seraph weapons until your rank 3 so what are the best ways to get warmind bits well first and foremost you have the bounties the two weekly bounties when you complete them they’re gonna give you 100 warmind bits each the daily rotating bounties are actually great too they’re gonna give you 50 each and then you have repeatable bounties that are going to give you at a baseline ten each so you absolutely can just keep buying the repeatable bounties and grind those all day and just get warmind bits however that’s not quite as efficient as doing the more lucrative bounties so the daily bounties are pretty easy and self-explanatory however they also reward that blue currency which is required for the weekly bounties both the weekly bounties are going to need you to open those warmind chests which require one of the blue currency to open so make sure you do your daily bounties first to get that currency before you take on either the public events or the heroic loss sectors because you want the blue currency to open the rewards at the end for the weekly bounties but as you’re completing these bounties you’re gonna have to do another warmind bits grinding method which is doing the Seraph tower public event.

So let’s talk about and fully explain this the Seraph tower public events are available on several different destinations you can start them by yourself basically but you do tend to want as many people there as possible they are a little bit higher light and tend to be a bit more difficult but even if you’re failing these events they are gonna give you a certain number of warm I’d bit so you can grind these as well to get more of that resource so when you start this public event a tower is going to rise where you initiated it and then a secondary Tower is going to rise off to the side and then this secondary Tower is going to rotate during this event now a connection is going to be formed between these two towers your job is to defend the side Tower and make that connection how you do so is that after a certain amount of time orbs are going to shoot out of that side Tower then you can pick up these orbs and you throw them at this glowing ball and you push it along the connection made between that initial tower and the side Tower accuracy actually matters like you can easily miss this ball and it will be moving often if teammates are throwing their balls as well so make sure you take the extra couple of seconds and line up a good shot after you’ve hit this sliding ball enough and it makes the journey from the side Tower all the way to that initial main tower then it’s going to rotate side towers so that side Tower is going to drop down it’s gonna go away and a new one is going to come up here’s some very important things to know however firstly you absolutely need to do your best possible job to defend that side tower because when it is shooting out orbs if any enemies are inside the little square that surround it it’s only gonna shoot out two orbs if there’s no enemies it’s gonna shoot out like eight orbs it’s so much faster in fact it’s required if you actually want to complete this event and get to 100% to completely defend these side towers and.

Not let any enemies inside so make sure you’re using stuff like you know roaming supers heavies that have great crowd control abilities all of that stuff and make sure you’re very vigilant because a lot of these enemies go invisible and they can sneak in that Tower you don’t even expect it and then suddenly only two balls go out so make sure you’re on top of defending those keep in mind however that the glowing square around these side towers will actually change hue depending on if there is an enemy inside if it’s orange you’re good to go if it turns to red there is an enemy within the proximity now I’ve seen some people say that the balls shoot out randomly this is absolutely not true you can actually track when the balls are going to shoot out by looking at the top of the side towers and there’s actually a little bit of a glowing orange effect climbing up near the top but once it reaches the top it’s going to extend these antennae and shoot out the balls and importantly it’s at that exact moment where it counts if an enemy is inside or not so if there’s an enemy inside then you kill it then the balls go out it’s gonna be all eight and if an enemy comes in one millisecond after you’re fine now another very important tip when you finish with a connection and it rotates to a different tower and a different connection make sure that if there’s any leftover orbs bring them to the new Tower you can actually finish up a connection let’s say you’re holding an orb and your teammate throws his and that’s the last one you need and then a new tower opens up you can take your orb and throw it at the new tower and start off that new connection so don’t waste them don’t let them lie around alright so after a while of slaying out and throwing enough orbs making enough connections you are going to eventually get to 100%.

When this happens there’s going to be multiple champions that spawn so the overload champions that were fighting in the background they are still susceptible to things like divinity etc overload rounds so packing those mods or weapons I can deal with those guys is a good idea and once you do kill those champions the event will be complete and your reward is going to be two different chests now the initial chest can actually give you not only warmind bits but it can have a small chance to give you the blue encrypted warmind bits as well and then you can use that on the other chest the rasputin chest that actually does require the encrypted bits now again farming this public event and opening that warmind chest at the end four times actually is part of one weekly bounty the other weekly bounty has you go in to the heroic loss sector four times open the chests there multiple times as well as kill champions but it should be noted that even for that loss sector it has two chests as well and the normal reward chest is going to give you like ten warmind bits every single time so you can technically farm that as well if you don’t want to farm this public event alright so that is it for the main gameplay loop of this new feature however it’s very important that we talk about upgrades because you actually really want to be buying certain upgrades before others and a lot of people are misunderstanding how you want to be approaching the upgrade system so the upgrades are broken up into rank one rank two and rank three however these are not necessarily tiers like the rank two is not just the more powerful versions of rank one sometimes although they may have the same symbol and just a different color they do pretty drastically different things so you really want to be focusing your attention on things that make it easier to upgrade more and therefore get more rewards first thing you want to upgrade is on the top right cost reduction Tier one this is just gonna make all of the other upgrades cheaper why wouldn’t you buy this first then your next focus should be the bottom right cost reduction.

Tier three that’s right the tiers the ranks are not actually tied to the rank of your overall bunker as you can see right here I’m just rank two I can’t even buy the bounties just yet however I’m able to buy an upgrade that cost-reduction upgrade from rank three so as long as you have the resources you can skip between ranks you do not have to upgrade necessarily all of rank one before you get access to additional ranks you don’t have to upgrade all of rank two before you get access to rank three and so on.

So you can skip tiers and that is super important to know now as for other upgrades you really want to be prioritizing we have warmind bit generation tier two so completing Rasputin repeatable bounties Awards extra bits so you’re gonna get twelve instead of ten that matters quite a bit when you’re just farming we also have Eid easy encrypted warmind bits Tier one so you can get the blue currency for completing challenges for Volusia shacks etc so just doing other parts of the game will also help you with this and we also have Eid easy encrypted warm line bits tier two and it has a chance to return the blue currency when you use it on a chest so you open a chest and you can just get your blue currency back which is really important when you’re farming another great one is warmind bit generation tier three and just completing strikes crucible and gambit has a chance to award bits so again getting currency when you’re doing other activities too and as you’re unlocking all of these upgrades you’re going to be getting chipsets which again you’re going to be using to increase your integration level and as you do you’re going to be able to unlock at the bottom section the bunker rank bonuses for certain advantages and those are just freely available to you to just click on when you’ve reached that integration level.

Additionally the first six times you level up your integration level the reward is going to be powerful and the seventh time it’s going to be a pinnacle reward now as for the rewards firstly you have these Seraph weapon frames and those are going to be available when you’ve reached a certain rank in a certain bunker right now it’s only the e DZ but of course all of these tips apply to whatever the next bunker is unlocked you also have some cosmetics available and you have the Seraph bunker PDS now this is simply going to allow you to clear the bunker of enemies so if you don’t want to go and do the clearing thing that rotates every single day you can just buy this and it’s either gonna clear them tomorrow clear them today or clear them today and the rest of the week and the more powerful ones cost more that’s it alright guys so there you have it I hope you enjoyed the video found it informative and if you did again please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video if you guys want to see more destiny 2 content similar to this don’t be afraid to slap that subscribe button if you want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity the best way is to follow me on twitter at Rick cactus that’s linked in the description down below I can hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day.

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