Unlock Deadpool Guide Week 4 “Find Deadpool’s Katanas” (All Katana Locations) in Fortnite

Author: postboxpat

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Hey guys it’s postbox Pat welcome back to a brand new video and in today’s video I’m gonna be telling you guys how you can find Deadpool’s katana this question I want you guys to answer in the comment section down below why are you watching this video is what is your favorite Deadpool item that we’ve been given so far this is such an easy challenge and so many people have been milking this for example that location inside of the grotto where that’s kind of sword is the amount of YouTube isn’t said that’s one of the katanas if you’re following one of them they’re completely or knowledgeable about four-night and complete fools I don’t know why they’re doing that and they clearly know it doesn’t look like it so complete fools right there here are the exact locations for you guys alright so if you want future stuff is remember to smash that subscribe but the locations of the katanas are very easy guys you’ve got one inside of Deadpool’s lair himself and it’s actually going to be inside the mirror check out the screenshot on screen right now of someone rendering it in early this is the exact spot of katana one now if you’re looking for katana – you don’t even have to go that far at all simply head back to the battle path screen and head up over to the upgrade vault once you press on the upgrade vault you’ll see katana – just located to the left of the skin by the little axe in the back left hand corner which is absolutely awesome today you’ll have cantana – again another rendering glitch which someone’s had right there at the exact location then once you’ve completed that you’ll want to head back over to Deadpool’s lair and see what he has left install for the challenges you’ll actually have to go into a game and deal damage to structures this is so easy and I advise doing it on Team Rumble if you’d like to get it done quickly or just in general do it over time of playing for a night throughout the week if you guys are new around here those smash that subscribe and if this video has happened to help you out please do consider supporting me in the item shop with code post box power it’ll mean a lot to me and it would really help the channel grow as well and help me upgrade my PC thank you so much don’t forget to smash that subscribe dough because many of the craters just do not know what they’re talking about with these katana stuff and there is the exact locations for you guys I’ll see you guys in the other videos click on one screen right now.

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