Unturned – Apocalypse Survival Guide! Unturned Roleplay EP 1 (Becoming A Bandit!)

Author: Elitelupus

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Unturned RP Survival as a bandit trying to make an army but this doesn’t work! It goes really wrong!

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

We call them lads why do you start soon us that listen being scared is not shooting at people you know me you’ll hide I’ll quit my pants and I found these guys at the beginning all right take off your pants right guys I’m back on the land of unturned this time it’s survival it’s survival of the fittest on here will you survive as long as possible build a little house and maybe even live in a barn there’s lots of zombies up here there’s a tank there Oh all right let’s go first personalize easier punch the zombies one two nope maybe it’s not easier punch the zombies it’s a base up there that’s a base up there.

I think Scarface is one of the best places to cover it zombies are more powerful on here and I found a hat look into me up and like a sheriff a knife yes slice slice nice on here’s a bit different than the role play there’s normally roleplay survival I mean I could try and do some role play in it I guess try to roleplay but I don’t think people gonna roleplay I think they just gonna kill me what do you guys think also do you guys think I should be playing more survival if so mentally me comment below and also leave a like on this guy’s it doesn’t mean a lot and I’ve seen your comments as well about me you guys are quite awesome to be fair some berries here let’s pick the berries yum-yum berries alright let’s go down here our mission is to survive as long as possible ok it’s not gone well most of times every time I come on a survival server seem to get sniped her face but I think if we work hard we should be able to survive longer than 5 minutes my spring keys running out that’s why I’m gonna increase my sprint okay well scrap some of these bad boys savage savage heard a zombie where there is all that blood on the wall savage savage and we’ll see how HDS oh god this gunfire be do you hear it guys backpack that’s what I needed just what I needed there’s a generator Oh God it’s a plane that’s what the person will shoot in here Doug songs growing seed chainsaw oh my god there’s someone’s could luan here where were they shooting from I heard shooting no just out there I got to go check need something that bad boy nice pencil carrot seed and another top with savage these gonna craft these into rags what they do they stop the bleeding as well and we really need that especially when zombies make you be for one punch all right let’s make a layout let’s go start getting dark soon so we’re gonna be absolute screwed yeah nice why is there a top in a well that was gun far up here’s where we have to be careful go to the next town once all go to a big town to be fair I’ve changed I probably use that as my main weapon so what’s his team team a scour the area you see anyone anyone moving down there any gunshots I see nothing.

Oh it’s a bow over there there’s a bump are they coming to port here you just want a weapon quick doctor there chef please well there’s two of them he can shots I’ve got a head shot him police station always has gear hello hello sir please don’t shoot don’t shoot I am friendly I am friendly sir hello this is no zombie there’s a zombie boy hold on snap him snap this hoppy nice nice.

You took him out in a puddle of blood yeah where you from man you want to team up do you’ll become friends there’s someone coming hold on be careful fam be careful listen angel be friends we could be friends yeah put down your knife then put a knife there we go now with Fred’s all right let’s search this area there’s a gun unit I’ll take that bad boy just in cases hey hey hey oh you got one nice agent eat some it’s ammo it’s doing really well I’ll swap you something for your head torch and become police officer look dude there’s a jet cupboard Hey hello keys up hello hello keys aren’t you I’m not gonna shit don’t get killed I mean don’t you touch it Wow this the most friendly a server I’ve been on oh my god man you pick that up man you pick that up one right there and now I’m Kissin you are your friendly bad as long as this one friendly person on the planet we’re fine I like night-vision now this guy’s Opie oh there’s a plane come in and there’s a play cover.

You family oh you just kill himself man you’re talking to the og of the og boy I would but I’m got the skills for it Shh copy quite there’s somewhere over it we try to befriend them first what where are they then I’ve seen before don’t just shoot hip excuse me excuse me excuse me excuse me everyone stop everyone stop.

I killed it he’s trying to kill you better shoot soon your your evil.

We’re here to be friends with people look at this blood look at this innocent child you killed why would you do this you were fuming please and don’t shoot don’t shoot and then you walked up and he you killed him my he did he had a mic he was Russian ba can eat the meal you like to eat me.

Oh Gigi man so does Elton John hell yeah oh that poor poor chap that poor chap if you want let them eat if you want we can go to military sure why not why not we should make some friends at the military base layer up like like hello excuse me friendly hello you just said friendly it killed him.

I think I’m thinking gonna leave you guys you guys seem to be passive aggressive and killing children you know you just kill children I just watched you iPhone and you’ve got 9,000 kills I thought people had a normal life there’s a guy down here hello gaze up protect we don’t give us some free stuff we’ll give some free stuff yet I’ll see some God coming down that hill over there boy way it was keep coming after me you need a better gun this gun will do no no show don’t shoot this is a roleplay survey yes roleplay we’d like to roleplay.

Roleplay we like to roleplay know should know show Jess.

No shirt no shirt no should not should when they go to disappear he told him I ran for it he ran for it we take him hostage take him hostage go take him hostage.

No mission but stop always show we’ll take your sticks believe that’s the only way we can make friends stop right there you’re now gonna be our hostage hand problem that’s the only way I could stop these guys from killing you is if you’re our hostage.

Trouble coming in technical team in mouth there we go hey let me play let me play my guy all right let’s go that dunk down the time to time dun dun dun dun dun dun.

Oh I’m on the piss-drunk ranchman another crash on program work people don’t crash tonight I feel an unworthy I am gone the forever walk on the forever you found a favor we’re not gonna kill you man that was gonna start shooting you woulda start shooting it you’re really bad whatever they kill you don’t shoot me.

When you look it as upset dad’s upset we want to be your friend I think he’s blind hey listen we’re here to be your friend so VI maybe you blame your friends why’d you do that man let’s search for more people survivors were meant to be helping them survive when to a limit between shooting other anyone I got this talk to him tortured don’t flamethrower it’s two of them there’s two of them he’s dead.

Hold up why don’t come everyone don’t kill me what.

Don’t kill the other one we take him hostage put your hands up but you had something inside and put his hands up nice nice.

Enjoy we got a black we call them lads why do you start soon us that listen being scared it’s not shooting at people you not me.

You’ll hide I quit my pants when I found these guys at the beginning all right take off your pants we don’t know who’s your daddy what’s he do what my daddy daddy I knew you’d do that I know you just go through that how do I know that I just know what I mean you know pull the beams you’ve been killing innocent people from out let’s go over there as well look he’s put a lot listed Oh small boats and will your helicopter let’s go dan dan see lat you see you in the other side we stole it GG a boy yeah what’s up man what’s up what’s up geezer older freemum let’s free hello survivors hello survivors I’m sure not sure listen we’re all survivors together yo oh my god there’s so many survivors in one place.

Yo how’s it going guys don’t I don’t go out your weapons we’ve got weapons out we only get a chainsaw out yeah hey walk on I hope your hands up be hands up now sir.

Put your hands up your friends try and kill us it was it even your friends who are you I know it’s you yeah yeah put your hands up now that he’s a rifleman he’s not respecting before I don’t want any people need you to die to be fair but why do you go out change he’ll try to kill us it’s kind of random but go becoming hitmen so I show you because Wheldon mom my god it was non-stop shoe it look not friendly shooter this one else shoot well underneath excuse me excuse me sir that’s worth the journey weren’t it berries berries we all love berries lovely berries for survival noise oh my god they smoked up a whole guide what’s happened he bought her need bought I’m in a bloody hallway oh well well that’s fun while it lasted I hope you guys enjoyed that like share and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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