Warframe Gameplay – Dex Furis Build Guide 2020 – Beginner’s Bullet Hose

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The yearly Warframe celebration always comes bearing gifts! If those gifts are actually worth something is another story.

Today we’ll be diving deeper into the Dex Furis. A Warframe yearly anniversary weapon which uses Afuris rivens. So in essence it’s a stronger version of the Afuris. It presents a unique design which is subjectively a lot more awesome than the standard version.

We’re looking at a magazine capacity of one hundred with a strong fire-rate of twenty, critical chance of only fourteen percent with a decent critical multiplier of two point zero. Status chance is strong on the other hand at twenty eight percent sporting the full array of IPS with puncture being the highest by a significant margin.

Even thou the critical stats on this weapon are on the underwhelming side it’s still wroth using critical chance and damage mods on it. The rest should be topped-off with elemental mods that fit the situation. For example corrosive damage versus heavily armored targets. Viral versus Infested and or Corpus.

Being a anniversary weapon the Dex Furis comes with a Orokin Catalyst Pre-installed and a weapon slot as-well which makes it even more appealing to new players or beginners in Warframe.

What makes it great also makes a bit elusive since the weapon can only be obtained during the Yearly Celebration so if you missed-out you got to wait another year before having another chance at it.

As far as performance goes the weapon does admirably well and can shred high level targets like nobody’s business. There is one issue thou. The high fire-rate mixed with a relatively modest ammunition reserve makes for ammo issues that must be addressed. There are several ways of dealing with this. Ammo pads, Ammo Mutation or Carrier or Carrier Prime.

Overall this is an awesome weapon. One that I would recommend to just about anyone but it’ll be particularly great seeing new players get their hands on this one as it has no MR requirement and the power level is good! Latter down the line in higher Mastery Rank ranks you will have your pick of Bullet Hose style of weapons.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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The yearly warframe celebration always comes bearing gifts now you might be wondering are these gifts actually were fusing or not well I got great news for you today well when you taking a look at the Dex furious and my friends if you’re on the fence about this weapon yes it’s 100% worth investing in as always one of us ladies are and I got a couple of bills lined up for you something cheap something affordable something that mostly anybody will be able to build but of course we also have a crazy setup or a ribbon that’s it though please bear in mind that my building guides usually take a new prayer friendly approach especially on weapons such as these which can be obtained by mr nothing players so I’m gonna be taking my time and explaining all of the aspects that veteran players should already be accustomed to so in case you’re a veteran and you already know more steady stuff please bear with me now there are the way let’s jump into the decks purus let’s begin by checking out how the weapon handles without any mods equipped and for that just a couple of free shots now the next furious is a super easy to use weapon which is fantastic for new players or newer players this one is a pair of automatic pistols and as you can see you just keep your trigger finger press down and you’re going to be unloading 100 bullets into your target now that’s all well and good but let’s check out the accuracy we’re gonna take about 15 meters till the target pull 100 bullets and as you can see it’s a little bit all over a place while the fire rate is fantastic it’s a little bit of spray-and-pray sober that one and mine now the reload on this one is fairly quick at 2.0 seconds and the recoil is basically non-existent ok it juggles a little bit but what can you expect right now let’s jump in the stats that have a closer look at what we’re dealing with we got a mod capacity of 60 out of 60 and here’s the good thing about the Dex Furies especially again for new players it comes with a pre-installed or rocking catalyst normally this one cost to any plot or you got a format it’s very important for basically any weapon in warframe this one doubles your mod capacity oh and it also comes with a weapon slot so that’s also awesome you don’t need to spend plat on that one you’re still gonna have to format a couple of times I recommend you plug in 2 or free format into your text viewers depending on what build you chose go for V symbols or ma dry and my friends when you were wondering hey how should i formamide expiries well take a look at the most expensive mods in terms of drain for example this one 14 V symbols or mod right so forma for madura you get it right that said accuracy of fifteen point four which is decent but unfortunately it means that we cannot really use Magnum force as you saw earlier in the accuracy test it’s kind of a bit or all over the place I would not encourage Magnum force unless you want to use the weapon only in close range combat which in which case just cope melee or get a shotgun critical chance of fourteen percent of the critical multiplier of 2.0 X now this one is a bit of a debate it’s so on the edge of being warfet basically if this was 12% critical chance it would have not been worth to build crit but as it is yes we’re still gonna be going for critical chance for a rate of twenty absolutely freakin fantastic especially that we’re gonna be using lethal torrent on it but it does create some ammo issues I got 100 magazine which is fantastic but did you take a look at my ammo reserves only 400 now in order to fix those ammunition problems so you will run out during missions you can use a companion such as discover here carrier or if you don’t like the normal version of carrier you can use carrier Prime they have a fantastic mode by default it’s called ammo case and this will fix all of your ammo issues unless you’re overzealous would be fire rate so bet that one in mind for now we’re gonna be taking it off because we have one well two additional ways to fix it the other way to fix it is go into the open axle a small slot again if you’re not warframe this one costs twenty plateau unlock or you can form what you need to actually make the weapon axle a small slot I don’t recommend it if you’re just starting out in warframe if you’re mr four five six seven something like that ignore this mod for now but if not you can go to pistol ammo mutation which again solves your ammo issues and the last way to fix it is by using these things these are consumable these are squad and will restore okay it’s fine any way you choose to go about it it’s gonna be totally fine you can bind that to your like macro on your mouse and just drop it like that without pulling out the wheel it’s a lot more streamlined like that oh yes multi shot have one a single bullet per shot now is alarming reload of two seconds which again is decent Riven disposition five out of five which is absolutely beautiful now my friends we won the Riven disposition as high as it can possibly get this reflects weapon popularity so the higher derivatives position is the lower the weapon popularity and vice versa you get how that works yeah basically a high Riven disposition will mean that we’re gonna be getting a lot big stats on our ribbons okay it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gonna be good that depends on your luck your role orangey and so on and so forth but we’re gonna be getting tons of stats on ribbons and if you don’t know what Riven mods are just yet look at the cards right now for a full tutorial on basic aliy their personalized mods which can pack one hell of a punch.

Now status change 20% which is super solid trigger automatic death damage well you got the full array of IPS impact puncture and slash and the highest amount is gonna be puncture now my friends puncture in warframe is not exactly the most desired physical type but it does have bonus damage when it comes to hitting armor so bird that one in mind a total of 16 damage this is per bullet okay so this is per bullet and with that out of the way let’s jump into a standard build and we got a whole lot of damage with Hornets right multi-shot with better diffusion as well as lethal torrent also we’re gonna be getting some nice fire radar this one bumping up the fire rate to 32 which is absolutely insane we got a critical chance critical damage combo between target cracker and pistol gambit and yes my friends if you got the prime versions go straight for the prime versions on this weapon the prime versions make one hell of a difference I mean take a look at this from 48 30% critical chance right now the 40.2 and when it comes to critical damage you’re gonna be getting 4.2 X instead of 3.2 but for the sake of demonstration initially guys we’re gonna go with the normal mods because not everybody has prime mods over that one in mind now when it comes to the elements on the weapon we got a free elemental mods we got pistol pestilence scourge and compulsion we made corrosive in combination with heat now ever since the status rework it’s become even more important to change your elements depending on your encounter for example I know I’m gonna be shooting corrupted heavy gunners right now so for me this is the ideal combination especially in in general against heavily armored targets the corrosive is still very good but if I was the fight corpus for example or I was the fight the infested I would definitely change out the corrosive for viral damage okay sober that one in mind in this case in particular vara will not be performing better than corrosive so wear that one in mind a bit of an additional explanation on why the 91 and not the 60 61 or the 60 60 mod let’s go to lotion for electricity is called jolt there are two reasons why I did not use this mod one it’s expensive so this is the cheapo build nothing here is expensive and second of all actually I want my corrosive to be higher than everything else I wanted to be proc priority number one so as you can see I got seventy six point five its propriety number one if I was to go like this it would still be pro priority number one but it wouldn’t be as high so once again I recommend one ninety one sixty sixty and you scorch as a secondary element as in the heat you get from it sixty one point six that is chance and you got corrosive and heat now on the weapon accompanying the I P s now let’s test although I didn’t see how she performs oh by the way if you don’t know what to think your endo in only Hornet strike is a huge endo sink leave that one to free from the top while you get more endo so bear that one in mind level 120 corrupted heavy goons and let’s see how this beautiful weapon perform did you catch the nozzle flare on this one basically a single magazine normally normally it’s more than enough to take out one of these heavily armored targets and you know what you can get this weapon at mr nothing mr one mr 2 mr whatever fully equipped with a catalyst ND weapon slots which is absolutely amazing this weapon as you can see is fully capable of taking out high level targets now let’s go on the status brought just one i wanted to stop at the very end i didn’t have all of it alright so i got four impacts ten punctures free slash is 21 hates and 10 corrosive you see why i use the 90 now I want cross it more the process stacks up to 80% armor removal so again it’s important for Joseph to be property number 1 by as high as possible here’s my issue right now my friends damn it where’s me about me ammo is completely gone but I do have a mutation so I can pick up whatever ammo from the ground.

Normally you would use vacuum or something like that and it will be transferred.

Into pistol ammo so there’s that this is the standard bill my friends this is what you should be going if you want a solid starting build and of course you can further amplify it with prime mods notice is the change the status mechanics people have been going crazy over a viral damage because battle right now it’s a lot more powerful than it was before but it’s not the best on everything so bear that one in mind we’re gonna be showcasing that just for kicks and lols just to make sure people understand you know what not so we’re gonna go with code and toxin and now we got viral in heat instead of corrosive heat and welcome in testing on the same targets as before viral is pro priority number one by a pretty large margin that seventy six point something damage there you go not even close to killing off a target still on thirty to forty thirty percent twenty thirty percent if you count the slash damage let’s try it again maybe it was a fluke nope not even close okay point made I hope not in this case my friends but again if I was shooting infested or even Corpus I think I would ditch the corrosive angle for viral damage just stop slapping viral on everything and expecting it to be great it’s not oh that one works now my friends it’s time for our event setup and these are the endgame setups as I like to call them first of all prime pistol gambit prime target cracker a lot more critical chance a lot more critical damage and I got this one this one is actually mine I rolled it myself damage critical chance puncture and – zoom now I didn’t want to puncture okay I didn’t want it I wanted as a negative but the God’s office to give me like this so I still got a whole lot of critical chance a lot of damage and you know what well that punctures is definitely not ideal it still adds a whole lot of damage which has bonus versus armor so in this case it’s gonna be looking pretty pristine good so let’s test out a weapon like soup no more open Excel a small slot in there because well there’s no room but if I kill targets faster I’m not gonna need them so there’s that so before without or even without prime mods I was killing off a target in basically a magazine give or take a couple of bullet in now easily kill off two targets with the same weapon which is absolutely fantastic my friends a purist ribbon is what you’re after a furious ribbons are 100% worth it try to get your hands on one they’re not expensive okay they’re not expensive because we got plenty of awesome weapons in warframe awesome secondary weapons which pack one hell of a punch but take a look at this it just wrecks it just simply goes through target but like nobody’s business so do try to get a ribbon for this one it’s 100% war fit if you’re looking for a stat priority on it that’s when things become a little bit tricky because normally I’ll tell you what sells okay I’ll tell you what sells critical chance critical damage multi shot my resume that’s what sells what critical chance in this case I don’t know I don’t know to be honest it’s great if you can reach a hundred and we’re getting pretty close to a hundred I still wouldn’t use something like hold on let me show you there’s this mod here in warframe hydraulic crossers I still wouldn’t use this one so I would go multi shot as priority number one for the Riven damage and harmless negative that from my point of view would be the ideal ribbon but if you get something like critical chance don’t ignore it as you can see it can pack one hell of a punch and you know what we can do even better than that with lady Mira crying now this is the section of warframe buffs of the guys my friends we always do this because it’s fun so why the hell not against green your curls the projection is the way to go you’ve probably heard this like a thousand times by now it’s slightly weaker than before only minus 18 percent armor and when it comes to our canes oh damn I don’t think I even buffed up my our canes it’s called precision yeah this is the brand new well the old new arcane we’re gonna distill this one like so okay now we got sixteen and when our gonna be upgrading this one I don’t think I even needed to do that but there you go.

Rank 4 and rank 5 oh I was just supposed to click up rank up rank up right there we go he got a rank 5 on the vid nice so our king precision this one will give you 100 percent chance 100 percent chance for free hundred percent homage to pistols for 18 seconds it should say two secondary weapons not the pistols Perret its warframe and the second one which is a lot more important in this case this one is called our key Avenger my friends 45% crit chance 12 seconds this one is a bonus additive after so it doesn’t apply to the base like a percentage it simply stacks on top of what you already have so I’m going to 115 percent Christian something like that 21 percent chance on damage which is absolutely fantastic not only that but we’re also gonna be bumping up the level to 150 what you should know because there are no scaling changes mmm there’s not a huge difference anymore between a corrupt at a beginner level 80 and a level 110 or something like that okay.

The ehp effective hit points have gone down tremendously because of the change in scaling armor in armor scaling I should have flipped that one around so there you go.

We’re gonna activate Minaj’s 3 ability for a fantastic damage increase as well as serve ever so lovely clones and now we’re ready to go to town look at this I mean now you see him now yeah don’t it’s beautiful isn’t it it’s absolutely fantastic but this is made possible for the power of Lady Mirage Prime she’s a fantastic warframe she’s been in my top 3 definitely the problem would even Irish Prime even though she’s so sensuous so a voluptuous you know what now the problem is she cannot freakin stay alive for the life of her honesty no matter what I do I can’t seem to keep this warframe alive against actual high-level targets now not alone you can do it with your friends if you got like a couple of supports in your team sure you can make lady Minaj work for a good good amount of time she was also the most powerful Idol on hunter in terms of damage not the most comfortable one no but still the one that was able to do the most amount of damage thanks to Trinity and Constantine babysitting the team nowadays unfortunately and not anymore because do you remove these self damage so there’s that no I went off on a tangent.

Didn’t I I do that a lot I cut him in edit usually time to draw some conclusions for this absolutely glorious secondary weapon my friends I don’t care what Mr you are I still think this weapon rocks I still think you should get it I think you should fully build it especially if you’re low NMR up until Mr twelve something like that fully build and enjoy this absolutely glorious weapon it’s a bullet hose so not everybody’s into that but I did love spraying my targets till they are no more as always my name is blaze ah thank you guys so much for watching like favorite share and subscribe if you enjoy the content if you got any sorts of feedback for me I would love to read it in the comment section down below also in the comment section down below if you guys want to suggest any particular type of content right now I’m looking for weapons suggestions my friends any primary and secondary weapon you guys want to suggest is definitely on the table even though some of them don’t really need updating the good portion about that is meat is off the table because MIDI 3.0 is still not a thing god dammit II was still waiting on the rage thing or the devil trigger you can also find me on Twitch Facebook Twitter all the useful places and if you love the content consider supporting us via patreon until next time my friends boo bye.

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