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Once upon a time the Strun Wraith was an absolutely outstanding shotgun fully capable of melting high level targets. Time passes, things change and the Strun Wraith needs a new build in order to perform as the old one hundred percent true status chance build can no longer offer great results.

The status chance changes hit the Strun Wraith hard and now we’re forced to focus more on obtaining critical chance slashes through the use of Hunter Munitions. This was a viable option in the past but before it was only an option and not the must have. Sadly with the new changes build diversity has been shattered on a lot of weapons and we no longer have as many viable builds to chose from. On the other hand this makes building weapons a bit more foolproof which I’m starting to believe was the whole point to these changes.

On the bring side, things become very simple! Get as much critical chance as you can and build hunter munitions with Viral damage through the use of the sixty-sixty mods.
The Strun Wraith will be performing decently well but it’s nowhere near it’s former glory. Especially if you take into account the new scaling changes which diminish armored enemies EHP by a significant margin.

One issue with this shotgun is the reload which is shell by shell and five second are required to fully reload the magazine. You can stop reloading mid-way and continue shooting however.
Riven Disposition is one of the strong points of the Strun Wraith sitting at an outstanding five out of five which means we can get pretty crazy riven mods for this weapon. The price is not to steep either but this will depend on platform and roll of the riven. I’d recommend Critical Chance, Multishot, Critical Damage or Damage or Toxin on the riven.

Overall the Strun Wraith is a decent shotgun which can still pack a punch and destroy high level targets but it’s definitely not a must have anymore. I advise you consider the Strun Wraith.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes. Originally released for PC Microsoft Windows in March 2013, it was later ported to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

The stern refused to be an absolutely outstanding weapon it was fully capable of melting high-level targets without much issue but the question is what happened to it after the status update and today we’re gonna find out hey guys welcome back as always my name is Lazar and today we’re gonna be diving deeper into this mastery rank 10 shotgun as per usual I got a couple of builds line up something cheap something affordable something that mostly anybody can sink their teeth into but of course we also have the quote unquote endgame setup what a ribbon that’s it though please keep in mind that my builds and guides usually take a new player friendly approach I like to take my time and explain a lot of the aspects that veteran players should already be accustomed to so in case you’re a veteran and you already know most of this stuff please bear with me and with that out of the way let’s jump into the strong ryf let’s begin by checking out how the weapon handles without any mods equipped and for that just a couple of free shots the stern roof is a semi-automatic shotgun which we’ll be launching an obscene amount of pellets into your target how many pellets you might ask well ten by default take a look at this absolutely beautiful now the accuracy on this one 10 meters till the target as you can see isn’t all that hot because this is a shotgun so you should be using it something along these lines and again aim for the head because this one has a decent face critical chance now here comes the usability issues for the stern Reef and some like this reload type some do not it’s shell by shell action when it comes to the reload on this weapon take a look you can stop Midway however and finish off a target then maybe perhaps hide behind a pillar and finish off your reloading if you so desire it will take five whole seconds to reload the full magazine of ten shots on the stern drapes over that one in mind again go shot by shot reload finish off a target then hide a little bit and finish off the reload it’s entirely up to you some see it as a bit problematic because at the end of the day it does take five seconds to reload the entire magazine but on the other hand it is flexible so there is that let’s have a closer look at what we’re dealing with by the way if you guys don’t know where to get this glorious weapon you get it by doing invasions you get piece by piece or another option would be to go to the trade chat and simply trade for it since the pieces are trade all mod capacity will be 60 out of 30 30 as soon as you finish building your Stern Rafe going to actions popping an orican catalyst.

You’re gonna go to 60 at a 60 I would recommend you format this weapon about three times three V symbols should get you the build that you’re gonna need on this beautiful weapon let’s talk about the weapon excellence lot on this one my friends right now in warframe we don’t have fantastic mods we have some mods on the way but right now I guess you can use something like silent battery for the Louise or a better idea perhaps will be fatal.

Acceleration 40% projectile speed and you’re gonna say hey man it’s a head scan weapon why even use that because of fall-off I know it’s warframe it’s kooky it’s weird but basically it will increase the fall-off but considering how accurate this weapon is and from what distance it don’t really need this one because what your drop off would be better your accuracy is still garbage so that you go click on chance 18% which is this and then we are gonna go on to crit with this beautiful weapon but of course we’re also gonna be focusing on a status build as well critical multiplier it’s higher than average 2.2 X with a fall-off of 15 to 30 of course if you choose not to use fatal acceleration with this one it’s gonna go to 21 42 from my point of view you can skip this mod entirely well this slot that it’s fire rate of 2.5 but this is a semi-automatic weapon with a magazine of 10 a multi shot of 10 which is beautiful beautiful though is alarming reload of 5 seconds but again that is total reload you’re looking at half a second per shell and River this position of 5 out of 5 which is absolutely fantastic maximum rather than this position which will mean extremely powerful rivet mods and sadly now the weapon actually needs that higher if in this position the status for projectile is gonna be 12 percent which is confusing right now in warframe because these are brand new changes and people still can’t wrap their minds around it and to be honest I’m having a bit of a difficult time as well.

Trigger semi-automatic in the damage layout which is so important first off total damage is gonna be 400 per pellet damage you got 26 impact 6 puncture and 8 slash and that’s a problem and that is a problem because I can’t play into slash on a high-status weapon such as this one yes 12% per project I was actually high nevermind that so if I was to go into slash because I want a proc slash of the weapon status and blah blah blah sweeping serration not enough not even close to being enough sadly 17.6 compared to 26 I’m not even in range of impact right now and that’s a bit of a crying shame now normally at this point in the review I just snap my fingers like sooo and then we go into a standard build we’re not gonna be doing that today because I want to make sure everybody gets what build options you have for this weapon it’s a bit tricky on the brand new old Stern rape so there’s that starting off with damage my friends of course we’re gonna go with point blank if you got prime point Lego for prime multi shutters up next mandatory modules for the usual hotels chamber we’re gonna be skipping vigilante armaments for now and well from this point onwards perhaps you would be interested in building some viral damage because after the whole status change tweaks whatever they did viral this King okay so let’s start off with the two sixty sixty viral mods that we got viral on the weapon take a look at the value 91 point – so basically outshines all the IPS on the weapon we no longer have IPS x for when it comes to the stat priority so valor will be property no matter no okay fine what next what should we do now should we go for more status why the hell not yes let’s increase the status on this beautiful weapon we’re gonna go like this with shotgun savvy ninety percent status chance and it’s already looking like the build for the brand new old tigress Prime but it will not be so it will not be so next what are we gonna do well we can build more elementals right stairs just build stairs no man no sir this is great all right we’ll build more fucking status on this weapon and now we got radiation and viral on this beautiful beautiful weapon and you know what damage is never bad so let’s go with more damage how about blaze everybody loves blaze yes everybody keeps yelling at me to use place here we go we got viral rad unfortunately the red is too high on this case okay it will outshine viral and that is definitely not what we want to do so instead of place you can go for something like vicious in the spread wishes him to spread 90% damage which is the same as point-blank but it only adds 60% spread which is a bad thing less accuracy than before which makes fatal acceleration even more useless than before so bird that’s one in mind here we go.


Vital with a whole lot of slash you got radiation yay we’re gonna test out the weapon like this level 120 corrupted heavy goons and we’re gonna quickly test this weapon then we’re gonna change this bill one shot in my target then even flinch two three four five six seven almost there eight nine nothing then let opes yeah okay clear enough I hope so I really hope so.

Recently I got a complain like oh you weren’t aiming for the head really really I wasn’t aiming for the head hi now my friends since obviously going for pure status does not work let’s just keep the butter would heat yes that’s definitely a good idea if I go like so and I can get more damage with something like blaze let’s go blaze a whole lot of heat now a whole lot of viral on the weapon we’re gonna be shooting corrupted heavy goons and the heat does help me because well it removes some of that armor which is important on heavily armored targets even though these targets are not even close to being as strong as the corrupted heavy wounds from yesteryear as in from my week ago as you can see I already got a lot better results than before so just piling on whatever status you got does not necessarily work and yes that is true battle right now is the king of statuses so all hail the king and all that good stuff but what about corrosive lay star why don’t we build corrosive on the weapon because these are corrupted heavy gunners there I could put ferrite armor and corrosive does 75 percent more damage against them right so let’s build full-on corrosive sure I’m down for that awful scattering inferno and blaze and we’re just gonna build full-on corrosive wood contagious in the spread wait Oh let’s go like this let’s go like this and then like this take a look at all that corrosive on my weapon right now my friends nine thousand eight hundred and fifty six per shot alright a whole lot of corrosive on the weapon and a whole lot of status chance as well we got a two sixty sixty s plus shotgun Savi.

Full corrosive boom one shot nothing to 200 three four and the fifth shot will be killing off a target so you can go for full on corrosive against targets which are weak the corrosive for example corrupted heavy gunners but if you’re dealing with bombard I would call radiation that’s just my two cents what I’m trying to point out is the fact that you should adapt your elemental combo depending on.

Circumstances but there is one build on this weapon that you can tackle which will offer good or great results no matter the situation so you can see what corrosive does now right all right enough dilly-dallying it’s time to play around with hunter munitions and critical chance because at the end of the day if we can get slash on those targets it will deal a whole lot more damage if you don’t take into account DPS though because slash kind of takes a while to take down so there is that we’re gonna go back to viral damage we’re gonna take off charge shell and contagious spread and shell shock because that one is expensive anyway and what I’m gonna go with frigid blast like so and you can also use chilling reload if you so desire again chilling reload will offer you that reload speed which is important on these from rape it will fix some of those usability issues so do not ignore that mod next we’re gonna go to crit chance and Hunter munitions this one 30% chance on crit to apply slash my chance is only 18% Oh mommy whatever shall I do.

Blunderbuss Wow new this one sucks I’ve been saying this for like two years this one just bloody sucks go for a laser sight instead 120 percent critical chance on headshot if you do not have the mod it’s from the acolyte event but fear not it’s not expensive it’s like five to ten plat on PC I don’t know how it is for console DOS or console guys might be paying a little bit more so what do I got now critical chance from laser sight critical chance is gonna go to roughly 40% with this one when it’s up of course we gotta get it headshot we got vicious bread for damage we got hunter munitions to apply the slash in what we can also do is drop shotgun savvy and go for critical damage the problem with critical damage on weapons while prime ravage is awesome but normal ravage is only 60% to be honest I rather have which is spread in this case but let’s test shrapnel shot is good but this one is an on kill effect so bird that one in my 99% alright let’s test our like this then we’re gonna tweak a little bit more let me know in the comment section down below do you guys like this way of doing a build like an ax like narrowing it down and trying this trying that so we can slowly and surely get to the quote unquote optimal bill let me know in the comment section down below that would be interesting you know this is an experiment alright laser sight is up I’m gonna did free shot in my target take a look oh oh handle much / handle at my friends of course it is a whole lot better than before because my weapon now look at that it’s capable of slashing through targets and you can kill a crop that have you gunner in two shots if you’re really real lucky and three shots normally and in four shots in some cases that was two and this is free what annoying thing about this weapon is the fact that it has a high amount of freaking impact on it so it always knocks down the targets and somehow this is experience managed to make impact even worse than it was before awesome no really I’m just smiling for the pain so this is another option what if we were to get some critical damage on this weapon because at the end of the day the 2.2 multiplier is more than average right but the base critical chance is still low and I’m only gonna get like 40% with laser sight which is why you can go with vicious spread of course if you got primary large go try and reverse but we don’t have prime reverse because right now we’re dealing with a cheap hole but this is the cheapo build let’s see if you guys can notice a difference or not instead of 90% damage we went for 60% critical damage it’s gonna be too tired two shots on the target look at all that bleed one more just to make sure and of course the target will be cleaning out the values of the slash is they keep fluctuating why is that viral viral now subsequent shots will be dealing more damage with slash because of viral so burn that one one two let’s see it – look at that a bit more powerful than me four so what do you know it should be better to use critical damage though if you would do the math you might come up with a different answer depends on how you did your math my friends this will be the cheapo build that I recommend to you and this is the process that we got – it would something like this it’s a whole lot easier for me to disprove other builds like shouldn’t you have you been using this or that or this or that no use this this is what I recommend on this run rape another option that you have is the drop shot gun savvy is to go for more critical chance because more critical chance in this case will mean more slashes or hunter munitions right okay so basically now we’re going we should be going like 60 70 % something like that critical chance so we can test out the weapon like this but dropping shotgun Savi you’ll see that the results will be similar.

What we had before one let’s do two this might actually be enough 14 slashes on the target three barrels and two impacts yeah yeah almost no cigar though and of course you can also use shrapnel shot to get more critical damage it’s a more powerful modern ravage but the problem it says it’s a non killer fact alright so as you can see the results will be similar as before you’re gonna get more slashes but overall you’re gonna get less status rocks which will mean less battle products which in our case is not exactly ideal so there is also that three targets and fourteen slashes free shots in the target not three targets in the shot and almost gotta kill them let’s go shrapnel shot why the hell not 99% critical damage is a lot more than 60% critical damage we don’t channel don’t you know okay more crit damage not a problem we’re gonna go like soo and like soo and again ah blunderbuss versus shotgun savvy in this build well in this case let’s go like this honestly it’s it can go either way one more time the crop the TV goes over 120 now I’m just showing you variations on the baseball that I already recommended it so there’s that we’re gonna have to get a kill because without a kill there is no chance of me getting proper performance out of the will because of shrapnel shot is a non kill effect all right we got a kill or a one shot in the target not enough not even close to that is actually a whole lot better than before more critical damage will mean better value slashes as well so bird that one in mind but you’re kind of trading off because if you have lower status chance and less vital products that will also mean less damage on the target so there’s that take a look at me beautiful isn’t so finally the the cheapo build will be something like this this is what I would go for I would draw blunderbuss I would go actually with shotguns away can’t even believe I’m saying this and I would draw average for shrapnel shots so perhaps the small surprises would be laser sight instead of blunderbuss and shrapnel shot instead of ravage this is the cheapo build that I reckon to you guys now by all means my friends if you want to test different builds if you think hey my build can perform like this and can do that by all means let me know in the comment section down below I would love to hear your opinions but from my own testing this has been the coton called optimal cheap build when it comes to performance on the strong rate in comparison to what it could do before oh it’s a touchy-feely kind of subject first of all we need to discuss the targets that were shooting in comparison to the old targets that we used to shoot the old crop that heavy goons level 120 were a lot stronger than these guys because these have a lot less armor than before the kind of messed a little bit with the scaling and they also added shield gating and all whatnot but that’s a discussion for another time so the targets are weaker and the weapon doesn’t kill as fast as before before the stern Wraith could want a two-shot easily with a 100% true status chance build which is no longer possible because of the changes so yes in terms of powers that Stern rate really went down not only because it can’t want to shot any more consistently unless of course the planets align but also these targets are a lot more weaker than they were before they have less damage mitigation and all whatnot now the strong wave can still be an absolutely outstanding weapon if you get the right driven first of all try to get – in fact oh for the love of God please try to get – impact because impact is worse than it was before thank you very much teehee now the Riven that I have for this one is a critic and it’s not ideal but it will do the job just fine for hunter munitions builds with that pretty gun like this I’m gonna be able to one-shot no problem we got multi chakra chance but for the ideal Riven on the stern reef I would go – impact prior one I don’t care.

Multi shot crit chance and the last one would either be damage or critical damage I got 40 percent without laser sight being after full laser sights up we’re gonna go to 77% prime ravage four point six multiplier prime point-blank one hundred and sixty five percent damage on this one as you can see I still maintain the two sixty sixty vital mods again I would like to make an appeal to this mod right here what are you you should be here chillin reload again it’ll fix some of the usability issues on this one what you can do is sacrifice frigid blast like so in a Riven.

I wouldn’t recommend it or in a stock setup again if you want to give up on something like a bit more status chance and go for chilling reload if you just can’t stand the reload but keep in mind that the current time is coming so I hope you enjoyed the reload because the quadrant basically reloads in the same style okay one shot in my time take a look beautiful.

Absolutely fantastic now of course with a ribbon like this the weapon can one shot will do one shot in this one shot in this one shot from this and one shot in this let’s see the fatalities he’s gone he’s gone and he will be gone as well beautiful isn’t it and again it’s not like strong Rafe Riven’s right now are expensive you get strong ribbons and the ribbon this position is pretty high so you can get a pretty gnarly ribbon that will bump up the power of this weapon quite severely so again you can still make it into a full bone monster now speaking of monsters let’s buff up everything with lady Mirage Prime we’re gonna switch to this build corrosive projection my friends has been nerfed it’s not only – 18% armor but it’s still the ideal choice versus heavily armored targets such as the Grenier arcane rage r5 is gonna be our first choice for our Kings this one on headshot 15% chance 4 + 180 percent damage the primary weapons for 24 seconds farm from deferred Idol on down on Sears our King Avenger of course is gonna be our second one we used to be able to stack our Kane’s that’s not doable anymore unfortunately thanks a lot Dion damage 21% chance for 45% critical chance for 12 seconds we used to be able to get 60% which was amazing keep in mind that our Cain Avenger is farm from deferred Idol on down on theatres and also it applies to all of your weapons to your primary secondary and to your baby as well so it’s a fantastic offensive our King what wouldn’t be unpause in the eye so they can hit me and I can get me buffs we’re gonna activate Minaj’s free ability for a fantastic damage increase as well as her ever so lovely clones now I forgot one thing about buffs but I’ll talk about it later of course since it was a one-shot before with slashes now it’s just gonna be a straight-up one but without any sort of issues as you can see my friends now when it comes to warframe buffs what you can use is a sentinel as well I keep forgetting to mention this one yet personal you guys prefer for example maybe you enjoy carrier Prime get a weapon for the carrier Prime like Sue and use all the vigilante mods on that weapon now if you think that your Sentinel is gonna die and basically you’re not gonna be getting debuffs anymore Fred not even if the Sentinel dies it never comes back to life you’re still gonna be getting this 20% chance to enhance critical hits for primary weapons it doesn’t work for a second there is my friends but it does work for primaries so you don’t care if the Sentinel dies one more time the same targets as before if you like I really did this but let’s do it one more time activate her free ability for a massive damage increase as well as her ever so lovely clunks there you go my beautiful why red slash well chance to upgrade critical you get it right beautiful absolutely freaking fantastic now let’s try a more realistic test yes we’re gonna huh yes this is gonna hurt we’re gonna turn off invincibility and fight level 150 corrupted 50 goons I’m still gonna die that’s fine I don’t get now this is when that fall-off would come in really really useful to be honest because I don’t want to get to oh oh oh what happened there what happened there easy mode gameplay every day hahaha.

It’s time to draw some conclusions 40 strong rave my friends it’s nowhere near as powerful as it used to be okay just like the ticket is prime it doesn’t mean it’s a bad one definitely not I still think it’s worth building and investing into especially if you’ve got a ribbon for it ribbons for this puppy are not all that expensive and from my point of view they’re totally worth getting as always one of us believes are thank you guys so much for watching like red share and subscribe if you enjoy the content if you got any sorts of feedback for me I’d love to read that in the comment section down below I’m really interested in know if you guys prefer me to just snap my fingers and go to the final build or would you like this approach when I simply go through a whole lot of builds as we narrow down the quote-unquote optimal optimal one you can also find me on Twitch Facebook Twitter all the usual places and if you love the content consider supporting us via patreon until next time my friends bye-bye.

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