World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth 8.3 – Horrific Visions Beginner’s Guide to 5 Mask Clear – Orgrimmar and Stormwind Vision Tips

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World of Warcraft Patch 8.3 Battle for Azeroth (BfA) horrific vision Orgrimmar & Stormwind guide video. This video includes the most common mistakes made during +5 mask runs and how to avoid them.

I also talk about the recent corruption gear changes and Blizzards decision to make essences account wide!

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Hello guys I’m super excited to be doing this video because there has been not one but two pieces of information that are going to make this patch way way better so first of all this video is going to be mainly covering horrific visions and how to achieve the five mask run as easy as possible using different tips different tricks how to optimize certain bosses how to get or prepare for it one-hour masks and things like that and this is all coming because Blizzard has announced that next week from the next reset on every single piece of loot that you gather in horrific visions is going to be corrupted which is insane not only this means that generally speaking if you have no coalescing visions right now every week you can gather around 50 to 60,000 coalescing visions which means you can have five or six Thrones depending whether you do daily quests or daily resets if you’re doing dailies with warm own things like that you can gather any move between 50,000 to 60,000 that means you can do five or six runs that means you have guaranteed of around five corrupted pieces per week on top of the fact that you probably have to admit a closed which might give you a corrupted essence or corrupted gear again PvP might give you a corrupted gear so basically next week you’re going to have six seven eight pieces of corrupted gear every single week if you do everything in the game which is an insane announcement and this is why I decided to make this horrific vision guide because I know a lot of people might haven’t even try to optimize it because right now or next week on horrific visions are going to be the best source of corrupted gear I don’t know how I feel about that yet because I feel like what is the point of ruining mythic clothes for gear when you’re going to have a fire better chance of getting it in horrific visions of course ruining mythic clothes and things like that for you know that the highest score and things like that that’s always gonna going to be there but the source of gearing horrific visions is going to be your number one source by a mile all the auction house bo YZ they’re probably going to plummet in value because everyone’s gonna have more corrupted gear and they probably get that biz if they get looking things that so keep in mind your bo YZ might drop a lot next week on and on top of that I can’t wait essences we got them some extent is going to be a there’s going to be a new currency that’s going to be available to outs who can achieve that currency by doing content that they want mythic clothes raids PvP whatever they get this essence or they get this currency and they’re able to buy rank tree essences if their other characters have them already so again it’s all going to better depend on how much of the currency actually need but it is definitely a step in the right direction so let’s get on with the horrific vision guide now let’s look at horrific vision item levels and what masks are worth doing and things like that so first of all every single piece in notifications is going to give you a corrupted effect which means that you can achieve at least one piece that’s going to give you four seventy plus corrupted by doing a plus five mask wrong now there’s a lot of kind of information about how to optimize this there is no reason or real reason to do five five five five master owns every week outside of getting more corrupted mementos because even if you do for the first time you do a 5-1 you get 470 if you decide to do five mass rune again the same week it’s going to it’s going to pick up the fact that you already had a 470 loot drop so it’s going to drop down five item levels to 465 if you do five master and again you get 460 but the amount of corrupted mementos you get is going to be quite substantial and that is what the top players are probably going to be doing they’re going to be spamming plus fives in order to get the loot even though the loot is gonna drop down the group the mementos the gain that you get is going to be pretty substantial for someone who’s coming into this horrific vision game for the first time they probably will just stick with doing one plus one mask one plus two mask one plus three plus four plus five and they’re going to climb in the item level plus five is 470 plus four is 465 plus three is four 60 plus two is four fifty five you can see that it goes down in by five items each time and again plus five mask rules is pretty hard at the end of the day in terms.

What masks are easy and how to obtain them let’s look at it there are a total of five masks in the game with two of them being substantially harder than the three other ones and a lot of people will say that the long night and the daredevil mask long night reduces your sanity but like 50% so instead of having thousand sanity or additional standard depending on your talents you’re going to have like 500 daredevil means that if you mess up bosses and you don’t know the mechanics there’s a high chance you’re going to die and end the run at that spot because it’s going to increase the amount of sanity loss based on not avoiding abilities properly and this is why I’m making this video because I’m going to be looking at certain pitfalls where a lot of people are failing at the moment so how do you get these masks if your new player coming into this horrific vision for the first time you do a full clear no masks no nothing you’ll get a quest with the long night mask and this will tell you hey complete a run with this mask on and you might actually try to do it and you’ll notice that hey my sanity is like lowered by a lot this is really hard I might not be good enough for this mask game at all don’t worry the long night mask is by far the hardest one and a lot of times depending on your item level depending on your talent choice in horrific regions you might fail it the biggest thing that you want to achieve is try to complete as many areas as possible because in order to get 5 masks you will need at least two weeks what you need to do is do a full run of ogner man with one mask on and then you will unlock the mask associated with oakna man then the next week when storming opens up do a full clear with one mask of Stormwind and that will unlock the masks they’re available for storming and then you should have a total of five mask quests available to you and then you can pick and kind of organize the different drones what are the easiest masks to run with again anything outside of daredevil anything outside of the long night doing a plus tree mask room should be very very easy for most of the people with appropriate item level with appropriate talents now what talents should you have there are specific panel points that make the game really really easy or horrific visions a lot easier give to the tile.

Is one of them it is an insanely strong proc that’s going to last for 20 seconds it procs every one minute or so it’s going to make you immune it’s gonna give you hastened exit up but it’s going to make you immune to sanity loss and we’ll talk about bathing this proc in order to deal with some of the higher the bosses now outside of that if you have these talents if you have like a level let’s say level 12 cloud because level 12 keeps your proc that is quite important I think you can safely assume you should be able to do a full 5 mask run without too much preparation if you have 12 low and if you have this talent point of course certain classes this is not made equal certain classes can do this way earlier there are certain classes they’re not as good at it as this maybe they wait and do in a group scenarios for example I feel holy paladin is very easy to achieve 5 masks run while for example maybe something like a Miss Weaver will have a harder time so you might have to swap in you know swap different specs and exam but let’s look at some of the tips and tricks and how to prepare for her if equations first of all there is certain food a lot of people will use K Bob which will give you hundred sanity if you sit still and either for 10 seconds keep in mind you don’t want to sit still and eat this inside of areas we get extra sanity drain for example if you’re in storm and try and eat this during their you know the bridge pads and things like that when you’re not entering a new zone yet eat it before it it’s quite good if you feel like you’re low on sanity again you can get us a new option that’s quite easily.

We core us a very important there’s going to be a weak aura that you can track your Titan proc I definitely recommend this there’s also weak order to do with potions I’m not gonna cover potions that much because I feel you can achieve a 5 mass room without potions but if you do want to look into the potion management more I’ll try and link some information in description below but let’s look at some of the horrific vision tips and tricks for agnia and aagama.

I feel has one specific boss that is insanely hard and is responsible for a lot of people wiping and as wrecks are but there’s also a couple of tips and tricks to do with the drag area of their organ amount area and that is a boss that basically shoots out these shoots out these projectiles that you need to avoid him to run around them a lot of people will roll around this bus but I feel at all the times you can just hide behind the stump if you hide behind this the boss project us won’t hit you and you will be able to hit the bosses arrange even as a manly if you kind of place it in the right direction outside of that you can definitely do the tactic of stand inside the boss to avoid all of its projectiles but I feel it’s a bit more dangerous because you might not get there you know you might not get the positioning right hide behind the stump if you arrange you can easily hit this if you Mellie if you might have to kind of do a bit of movement there but generally speaking an easy boss in terms of healers and range DPS or intellect users I highly advise people to use mod trinket this is insanely strong for horrific business has to be one of the best trinkets in the game because not only it doesn’t have a channeling cost associated with it you just press it it took so much single target damage I feel you almost have to have this trinket if you’re a healer or intellect user 4xr now Rex R is one of the hardest bosses so before you get to wreck site there is a skip that I have to talk about and it is high-risk high-reward skip which means you will have to go outside of the bounds of the actual horrific visions and it’ll kind of do taking damage to you you can’t fail this if you don’t get the path incorrect but once you do it once or twice it’s relatively easy and you get to skip a whole portion of agna my horrific vision so once you get to the last area you can go to the left side make sure if you have split personality and split personality a fix is one of the most annoying one the whole screen will turn purple and basically after couple of seconds you’ll have many versions of yourself spawning with a little gap where you can run out and if you kind of get caught you get stoned so wait for this to happen if split personality is available that week wait for this to happen once it happens go and run outside of the area and keep running make sure your mountain if your healer tried to keep huts on yourself or something on you for example if your mr. junuh can have tons of hot Mount Hope and just roll and you’ll be able to skip straight to Rexha now Rexxar is a relatively hard boss because if you do five massarone you’ll have the daredevil mask and their devil mask means that if you miss certain sanity affecting effects or abilities from bosses the sanity loss is going to be insanely punishing and what wrecks are those based on it is HP he’ll spawn bores and these boards need to be dealt with or interrupted and the lower HP the boss is the more bored spawn there are two taxes to this you either nuke it down completely pop all of your you know bloodless heroism whatever use your Maude trinket use your cooldowns and try and kill the boss before too many poor spawn if you don’t have the single target dps to nuke it down a lot of the times people will use give to the Titan proc to their advantage gives the Titan has a one minute internal cooldown which means if it hasn’t product to the last cook like 30 40 50 seconds you’re pretty sure that the next kill is going to proc it so what you can do is engage interact star fight kill the forespore don’t DPS the boss at all because you don’t want the boss HP to be lower so it spawns more bores you just want to kill the force AB or proc the Titan which means for the next 20 seconds you have no sounded nothing’s going to affect your sanity and just kill the boss without having to worry about anything really and this is one of the ways of baiting gift of the Titans proc which is insane insanely strong for Rex are again if you have immunity like a paladin with bubble this is almost relevant you pop bubble and it just DPS the boss and it’s all good and that is agna my tips and tricks now let’s go to the storm in horrific mission tips and tricks and there are couple of things that I really want to talk about specifically two bosses that can be relatively annoying first of all split personality can be really annoying in any given week because again you get this purple thing on your screen saying that hey split personality is about to spawn but if you have a low amount of sanity you kind of get the same effect to show you that you have a long amount of sanity and a lot of the times split personality and the notification for the low sanity look very very similar and you don’t know which ones which I feel it’s too confusing at certain points but if you’re running 5 masks if you’re running daredevil mask in storming in Old Town you have this boss that eyes need to stay away from those eyes you can’t face those eyes because you’ll be losing sanity that’s fine you try and avoid and kill the boss the boss will disappear I’m pretty sure it’s based on the HP and he will reappear with an indication of a purple circle underneath the ground now the problem here with daredevil mask is that when the boss is about to reappear he’ll spawn this purple mask underneath you or purple zone on the nature and if you don’t move out I think it’s like 200 sanity loss and if you’re ruining the long night mask you only probably have 500 sanity which is happy or sanity gone straight away which is fine because you can just move away from this purple circle it’s not that hard but if you have split personality spawning at the same exact time you get stuck it’s a complete wipe you need to be very very careful about how to do this a lot of the times people will just try to keep moving when the boss is about to reappear and try to avoid the purple zone this got me a couple of times it’s actually quite unlucky but watch out for this but it’s not quite common for people to fail this another boss that a lot of people need help with and there is a lot of cheese effects for it is the mage quarter boss and this boss basically spawns or teleports to either end of the area and it has been nerfed the amount of teleports that happen has been nerfed it used to be a lot more but generally speaking once the mage teleports to the end zone of the order area you have to run to him you can’t really do anything they’re immune to everything but they get broken out by objects yes that’s what I said any kind of objects you can bring the boss at the very start to one end of a zone and place for example I don’t know a very cots toy any toy that can be regarded as an object will break out the mage channel when they spawn or when they teleported the location Auto hammer works shaman totems also work miss myris Jade serpent statue can work as well so basically if you can maintain those objects at both ends of the room once the mage teleports to any of them the channel gets instantly broken and the whole mechanic disappears so stock up on some of these toys if your shaman or miss we don’t really have to deal with I’m sure there’s more classes that can really eliminate this but this has been my little guide of horrific visions I know the video is quite long but I really wanted to give a general opinion of what her wishes are doing a +5 mask is not as daunting as it seems you just need to know some of the specific things that I mentioned in the videos or I feel these are some of the bosses where people fail a lot of the times they’re like ah man if I knew this I want to fail this and keep in mind every week from now on you can get 5 or 6 vision stone which means you can get five or six pieces of loot that have corrupted on them doom +5 will give you that 470 piece of loot with corruption horrific visions all the sudden have become the best source of gear in this game if you’re looking to gear up your character with some juicy corrupted effects I don’t know how I feel about this I don’t know how it compares to me the clothes how it compares to raining I would love to hear your opinions I hope this has helped you if you have any other tips and tricks leave a comments and below and if people are watching this video they can read the comments learn from it and maybe they won’t fail a vision because they learn something from either the comment of the video thank you guys let me know how you feel about this video if you enjoyed the content please subscribe it helps me to keep doing these videos and I’ll see you in my next guy.

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