World of Warcraft – Phase 4 World Boss Guide! The Emerald Nightmare!

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Yo! Soldiers of Classic! Here’s a video covering all the mechanics u need to know for tackling the emerald dragon world bosses coming in phase 4!

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Yo guys punker out another video now I know a lot of you guys are probably expecting me to be making a zg boss guide eventually just like I did for all the previous raids and like I plan on doing for every raid to come in the future but in some unfortunate news this is not a zg boss guide you might not be aware but zg is not the only raid encounters that we’re getting in the next phase we’re also getting the dragons of nightmare meaning for new world bosses in Lathon amorous terror are any saundra this is most likely a change that’s gonna make your server a lot more exciting to be on for new bosses for all of the guilds to fight over in order to reign dominant as the world boss killing cabal I’m sure you guys are super exciting for those 4 o’clock in the morning at everyone pings on discord saying as Argos is up well now that’s gonna happen way more often with four new bosses being introduced into the game so the question is what exactly do these bosses do well I have the answers so this video is gonna be a guide covering all of the mechanics that you need to know for the dragons of nightmare let’s get into it so all four of these bosses can spawn in either location we’ve got one in duskwood one in ashenvale one in Fairless and one in the hinterlands where the specific boss spawns is completely random you might get Emrys and dust would you might get left on in hinterlands you can pretty much get any boss anywhere it’s completely random okay so firstly what we have to talk about are the universal spells and what I mean by that.

These are boss mechanics that every single one of the mo dragons shares they all have access to these abilities so really quick let’s get them up on the screen the first one that you can see is called seeping fog and what this does is summons two clouds of dream fog that will chase random players once that fog hits you it’ll put you to sleep for four seconds now one little thing that I should mention about the dream fog is that once it lands it’ll create a little poison pool anyone caught within it will be put to sleep until it goes away meaning it won’t just sleep once for four seconds it’ll continue going until the duration has ended so this means you want to stay spread out as much as humanly possible the next ability is called noxious breath and this is a frontal cone nature breath that will deal 3,000 damage and apply a 30 second dot that increases the cooldowns on all of your abilities if you’re hit by it by ten seconds the dot itself does 350 to 450 nature damage every three.

YNN’s and the dot can stack up to six times so only your tank should be getting hit by this and whether or not you should be tank swapping you probably could honestly but I don’t think it’s gonna be too much of an issue and to be honest on a PvP server you have warriors taunting off each other non-stop and people trying to battle over the tags and break the tag off of horde anyways so expect it to be a cluster no matter what next ability that we got is a tail sweep and this is obvious every big dragon has this if you go close to their tail every now and then the boss will sweep their tail and they’ll get knocked away the next ability is called summoned player and this teleports the player who has the most aggro in front of the dragon if that player tries to run out of combat as you guys can see here on the screen it says this ability has first been noted after patch 2.0.1 which was the pre patch for TBC so there’s a possibility that this is not a thing and that means that if you have a horde player who comes in and taunts the boss and tries to run it away summon player might not negate that factor and that’s a big way that gills are stealing tags off of the other guild next up is called mark of nature and if a player is killed by a nightmare dragon they’ll be affected by a 15 minute debuff called mark of nature this is very similar to mark of frost which is what we’ve seen with azor ghosts so if you read and come back with his fee buff the boss is gonna put you to sleep for two minutes it’s just a mechanic to make sure people aren’t just dying and running back over and over again next we’ve got aura of nature which is an invisible pulsing aura that interrupts actions like eating drinking bandaging when close to the dragon and if you have mark of nature this will trigger the two minutes sleep and the last thing that you need to take note of is all dragons of Nightmare are immune to nature damage but to be honest that doesn’t really affect too many people outside of rogue poisons serpents thing which is never used and maybe bumpkins okay so those are universal abilities that they all share now in terms of abilities that are exclusive to the boss itself let’s cover terror our first so the first ability is nothing unique you’ve seen it a million times before it’s called bellowing roar which is an AoE fear of 35 yards around the boss fearing you for four seconds and if it fears you into the dream fog it’ll put you to sleep basically what you want to do is on horse side put down a bunch of tremor totems and on the wide side make sure that you using fear ward on the tank the next ability is called arcane blast and this blasts an enemy with arcane magic damage as well as knocking them back so in general once it comes to the fear and the arcane blast the knock back make sure that you’re far away from the dream fog so you don’t get knocked or ran into it.

Now the next ability this is probably the most.

Interesting one a terror has so every 25% of the boss is HP the boss is gonna enter a banished state and split into three smaller shades of himself each shade is gonna have approximately 66,000 HP and two abilities one is poison cloud which is just gonna spawn a poison cloud at the bottom of your feet which inflicts 350 nature damage every second for 10 seconds and the next one is acid breath which is just a frontal cone that deals an initial amount of nature damage and then has a dot as well interestingly enough it stacks up to 99 times the idea for this is quite simple they don’t have a lot of health you want to make sure that they’re facing away from the raid maybe split them up a little bit or just group them up in AoE depending on how comfortable you guys are as a guilt and just nuke them down really quick once they’re all dead the boss is gonna exit the banished phase and then rinse and repeat another 25% HP split into shades deal with the shades so on and so forth until it’s over nothing too difficult that’s terror all right so the next boss that we got is called left on and this one is a little bit more difficult than the last but again nothing crazy so the first ability that we’ve got is called shadow bolt whirl and basically this is an AoE shadow ivali except it’s instant cast the visual cue to know that it’s going off his left ons front feet his claws I guess are gonna glow with a shadowy aura just like when a warlock is casting shadow ball he’s gonna cast usually four of these in a row and why the number four is really important is because these shadow bolt volleys only go on one side of him so the first four might be on his right side it’s not a 360 degree shadow bolt volley but rather 180 on one side of the boss and they go out pretty much one after another doing 800 to 1200 damage so in total if that’s four in a row that could be potentially over 4000 damage close to 5,000 damaged essentially left on has one safe side and one not so safe side now every four casts of shadow bolt whirl the safe side is gonna change so maybe he’s gonna cast four of them on the right side then from five to eight will be on the left then from nine to 12 will be on the right then from 13 to 16 will be on the left and so on and so forth essentially what you want to do is stack your entire team all together the entire raid group has one little clump on one side once you identify which side the shadow bulb bullies are going to you actually want them to flip the boss around to make sure that the raid is on this safe side of the boss himself you then want to count for shadow bowl volleys and switch the boss to ensure that once again your raid is on the safe side and you basically want to keep doing this throughout the entire fight make sure you have someone in comms who’s counting every single shadow bolt volley now the next ability is once again every 25% of the boss’s HP it’s called draw spirit so everyone within a hundred yards of left on will be stunned for five seconds and the spirit shade of that specific player will walk out of their body.

Now while stunned each player will take from 650 to 850 shadow damage every two seconds and the shades will start to walk towards left on if they reach the boss they will heal him each shade will heal him for 15,000 HP the way you want to do it essentially is that everyone has to take care of their own shade and after they’ve killed their own they can maybe start worrying about killing other people’s they only have 500 HP so you want to kill them fast but keep in mind they’re immune to AoE spells so it has to be a single target spell you can’t just put down blizzards and they all die in front everybody has to go killer shade and then help other people or healers specifically with theirs and before 25% melee you want to make sure that you run away from the boss that way your shade is spawning away rather than right next to the boss itself and instantly killing it for 15,000 damage this boss is kind of like a rinse and repeat just a little bit of a limbo that you have to get used to count the shadow bulb always and keep flipping the boss accordingly and every 25% get relatively far away from the boss to kill your shade and you’re good to go a little tip that you can do is if you’re a druid or a priest you can start casting hots onto people before the 25% mark just to compensate for the amount of damage that the banish is gonna do before the shade comes out and of course before the banish make sure that you guys are stacking shields and hots on the main tank as well since all the healers are gonna be banished you won’t be able to heal the tank.

Okay the next boss that we’re gonna cover is called a saundra so I’m just main ability is called lightning wave and what this does is so lightning bolt that strikes a random target for 450 to 550 nature damage then chaining to nearby players so it’s basically a Chain Lightning the spell itself can affect up to ten targets and on each successive target that it hits they’ll deal more and more damage so it only hits for 400 to 500 damage on the first target but the more it starts bouncing the harder it’s going to start hitting each consecutive target the idea for this is pretty simple just don’t stand too close to people and if you guys see that a Chain Lightning is starting to bounce potentially blink away or do something to help yourself now of course once again we’ve got a 25% health ability so every 25% of the boss’s health she has an ability called some in demented druid spirits what this is gonna do is summon several druids with low HP about 2500 they’re gonna start attacking the raid here are the three abilities that these druids can have the first one is curse of thorns which gives the target a 50% chance to take 38 to 82 damage on each attack when attacking something else and this lasts for three minutes so it’s just a basic curse the next is moon fire which is obviously just a moon fire and the last one is a silence which prevents the target from casting for five seconds it’s really nothing too difficult about this boss just kill the spirits dispel the D buffs and that’s pretty much it I say that this is probably the easiest one so I wouldn’t worry about you saundra at all to be honest and even the lightning wave you probably won’t even have to move I don’t even think it hits that hard even on the tenth target that it affects okay so here’s the last one that we’re gonna cover name of the dragon Emirates Everest is widely known as the most difficult nightmare dragon out there and probably with good reason I’d say probably the two hardest ones are left on and amorous but amorous most likely takes the cake for that one the first ability that he has is called volatile infection and this is a dispel able disease that affects a random target within a hundred yards for two minutes it deals 875 to 1125 nature damage to the player and all players surrounding him or her every five seconds so this is something that you have to make sure people are dispelling immediately where I can start stacking up and affecting the raid as a whole the next ability is called putrid mushroom and what this does is when a player dies a putrid mushroom will spawn at their corpse healing 600 nature damage per second to any surrounding player so the idea is don’t die you’re gonna start leaving mushrooms all over the place this can actually get pretty hectic in a massive world PvP scenario with tons of guilds hoardin alliance they’re all trying to fight each other in order to gain access to the world boss there could be mushrooms all over the place and the last ability is of course the 25% health ability every 25% HP the boss will cast corruption of the earth and this affects all players in range dealing a 10 second shadow damage that deals 20.

Sent of the players max health every two seconds it cannot be dispelled and has a hundred-yard range you heard it ten-second shadow dot that deals 20% of your max HP every 2 seconds so 5 ticks of 20% of your HP meaning in that 10 seconds it’s pretty much guaranteed to kill you and it’s not disposable ok so how do you deal with this specific mechanic well you might not even believe this but surprisingly enough you have most of your rate straight up run away from the boss.

It affects people within a hundred-yard radius and if it affects the entire raid there’s pretty much no chance that the healers are keeping everybody up and if a bunch of people die it’s gonna put mushrooms all over the place and things are gonna get really nasty so basically the idea is to keep your tanks within range and all of your healers or most of your healers the melee and casters are just gonna start bolting you probably want to stop DPS around seventy six percent seventy seven if you want to be safe right before the effect hits everyone’s just gonna start running as far away as possible you should be able to estimate about a hundred yards so hunters max range is 40 so it’s about double plus another give or take maybe thirty percent extra then once the debuff goes on the healers and the tanks that stayed within you probably want to have them all grouped up in the same group priest you’re gonna spam prayer of healing to AoE bomb the entire group the other healers of spam as many heals as you possibly can and you basically want to just survive through the effect itself once the ability goes off the DPS that ran away can start making their way back and that’s basically the whole fight every 25% everyone just runs away bomb heal through the effect and then come back in you want to just keep doing this over and over again in essence it’s pretty simple but it’s a pretty hefty amount of damage to heal through with human error and just in general these things can get a little bit messy now one thing that you might want to do specifically for Emrys is actually actively tank swamp as well you’re gonna have that stacking up debuff on the main tank from the breath if you have that stacked up too high and then your main tank also eats a corruption of the earth feeling 20% of his health every two seconds he could die relatively quickly so you might want to tank swap every now and then just to keep the debuff stacks in check so there you have it those are the Emerald dragons of nightmare some bosses deeply entrenched in the lore of world Warcraft so things are about to get pretty hectic out in the open world to fight over these boss to be honest they’re not super difficult but if you’re on a PvP server and there’s PvP going on at the same time as people are trying to do these mechanics very often like you’ll see happening during Howser goes attempts for instance everything compounding on top of itself can lead to a quite messy scenario so we’re definitely gonna have a ton of fun battling over these big dragons so hopefully you guys are excited of course you know I am Phase releases are probably the best part about world Warcraft in general whether it’s retail or classic and this is just another step towards a q40 and nax which are the pinnacle of classic Wow at least in my mind so if you guys are excited and you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like a comment subscribe you know the drill soldiers hit the notification bell to be notified every single time post a new video straight out of there under oven and with that said thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys on the next one peace.


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