Astrocetus Guide for ARK: Genesis

Author: Mitt Gaming
ARK: Survival Evolved
This video is a guide for the Astrocetus or space whale that is available in ARK: Genesis. The Astrocetus is a large floating beast that is pretty hard to tame using anything other than the tek hover skiff. In this video I will sho w you how to tame the astrocetus and walk through how to use it with the tek astrocetus saddle. The saddle is unlocked by defeating the final boss of Genesis at Beta difficulty so this is...

Ultimate Guide To The Bloodstalker! How To Use It And Secrets Abilities! Ark: Genesis DLC

Author: Syntac
ARK: Survival Evolved
So the blood stalker is quite a complex creature this thing could do so much and I've had so many people ask you need to do like a bit of a guide video on how to actually use it every single thing that can do because you might not even know everything that this thing could do but we're gonna show you here in this video so guys go ahead and hit the like button I will be talking in...
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