These Are The Best Keybinds In Fortnite Season 2! Optimal Keybinds Guide!

Author: itsJerian
In this video, I talk about how you can find the best most optimal keybinds in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. The last time I made an optimal keybinds guide was about 4 months ago, and it was only a discussion video about whether or not it is worth switching your keybinds to more optimal ones on keyboard and mouse. This video is much different and will talk about my optimal keybind philosophy, the best possible beginner keybinds for switching...

Unlock Deadpool Guide Week 4 “Find Deadpool’s Katanas” (All Katana Locations) in Fortnite

Author: postboxpat
Hey guys it's postbox Pat welcome back to a brand new video and in today's video I'm gonna be telling you guys how you can find Deadpool's katana this question I want you guys to answer in the comment section down below why are you watching this video is what is your favorite Deadpool item that we've been given so far this is such an easy challenge and so many people have been milking this for example that location inside...

Five new Overpowered Strategies and Counters to the Season 2 Meta Fortnite

What's going on guys it is your motivational goddess right on back but when I know Lee Keith Allen how you guys doing today. Yo this year you got to do things like you've never done before you have to step outside of your comfort zone you know try new things out you know grow this is how we grow in life guys so face your fears this year you can do it I'm your number one fan and hey...

How To Complete Escape From Midas By Derponce – Fortnite Creative Guide

Author: Sonjay
Map code - 7338-6325-8460 (use code sonjay in the item shop if u want to). Today I’m going to show you how to complete escape from midas. Which is a featured creative map. Difficulty - hard. I tried to complete in a short time so if I helped in anyway that’s great. Objective - ESCAPE. This was very fun to play and to make for you guys. Okay guys time to play escape from mid ass Soviet middle-earth is Misty's...

Week 4 – “Find Deadpool’s Katanas” Challenge Guide! Fortnite Katana Locations! (Chapter 2: Season 2)

Week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2 is here! Today we go over a Guide for All Deadpool Challenges / Rewards including how to "Find Deadpool's Katanas" to unlock his free back bling in-game! Quick drop a like in this video in the next five seconds if you want to be gifted the Deadpool skin early off Epic Games so the week for Deadpool challenges have just gone live hence the reason why you clicked on this video...

How To “Find Deadpool’s Katanas” In Fortnite! – Week 4 Deadpool Challenges Guide – Katana Locations!

As we approach Week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2, we have had the next Challenges / Rewards for the Deadpool Set Leaked! Today we go over a Guide for All Deadpool Challenges / Rewards including how to "Find Deadpool's Katanas" to unlock his free back bling in-game! You and I are playing a game and Deadpool says and Deadpool says drop alike in the next five seconds or else your entire port night Locker will be vaulted...

Fortnite Grumpy Greens & Week 4 Challenges Guide! TNTina Trial In Battle Royale Season 2

Author: TheLlamaSir
Fortnite Grumpy Greens & Week 4 challenges guide! Featuring new TNTina trial challenges in Battle Royale Season 2 and the mowdown and Risky Reels locations. This also features tips and tricks for all the challenges to help you unlock the shadow and ghost versions for TNTina in chapter 2 season 2. This is a full tutorial for these weekly challenges in the season 2 battle pass this week. As for the gameplay it’s some box pvp so enjoy! Alright guys...
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