Identity V – New Survivor: The Prisoner – Beginners Guide!

Identity V
New survivor Gameplay and ability/skill explanation! How to play the new survivor Prisoner! Season 10 Essence 2: S-Tier skin Vipor for the Prisoner. Hey, bears! I'm the Gaming-Grizzly and welcome back to Identity V! And today, I want to bring you a detailed explanation, and a beginners' guide for the new upcoming survivor, the prisoner! He will come in season 10 essence 2, and I'm absolutely excited about him. But before we jump into the beginners' guide, I would really...

Identity V – New Survivor The Prisoner Gameplay and Guide!

Identity V
The new survivor The prisoner is coming in season 10 essence 2 and he will be a decoder! Explaining the skills and abilities of the new survivor the prisoner and looking at some gameplay of the prisoner! Hey bears I am beginning grizzly and way come back to I density five and today I want to bring you the first gameplay of the new survivor that will most likely come in season ten essence to the prisoner I also want...
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