Path of Exile: Delirium League 3.10 – Freezing Pulse Totem Build Guide Update

Author: Wallach
Path of Exile
Overview of the preliminary changes I've made to my Freezing Pulse Totem build for patch 3.10 (Delirium League). Thankfully not much has changed for Freezing Pulse totems, other than needing to set aside skill points for future cluster jewel usage. This build should be just as effective as it was in 3.9 and pretty well suited for the Delirium league mechanic as it keeps a pretty good pace when map clearing. I've also updated the forum guide with these initial...

Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Guide – Cyclone Cast-on-Crit Ice Nova Assassin – Start to Endgame Allrounder

Path of Exile
Greetings Exiles! In this guide I'm presenting you my Cyclone Cast-on-Crit Ice Nova Assassin. While the gear might look intimidating to any players who want to #LeagueStart with this, don't worry! You can clear the whole game on a 5 link and also without a Cospri's! I'm showcasing how much potential the build has with a bit of investment. Since 3.10 #Delirium looks like a clearspeed meta while your build also has to be able to handle bosses - this...

Path of Exile 3.10 – Delirium League Starter – Spectre Summoner Build Guide

Author: Kay Gaming
Path of Exile
Hi everyone, I finally finished my league starter build guide video for 3.10! I tried to keep the video short, so you'll need to go to the guide on the forum for more details. Forum guide. Timecode: 0:46 - How the build works. 2:29 - Passives, Ascendancy, Pantheon. 3:35 - Equipment. 6:55 - Gem Links. 8:10 - Levelling Trees. I hope everyone has a smooth league start! Sorry about my bad mic quality. Hi everyone okay this video is about...

Path of Exile Guide 3.10 – Storm Brand Inquisitor – Best Allround Starter Build in the Game!

Path of Exile
Greetings Exiles! In this guide I'm presenting you my most favourite build of all time: the Storm Brand Inquisitor. A strong and versatile start and endgame character that does everything. This is by far the best allrounder I have ever played. You can clear everything on #Budget gear with a safe ranged playstyle, super fast cast, movement, and clear speed, and consistent high boss dps. With going back to a clearspeed meta but also having to face strong bosses in...

Path of Exile: Delirium – Cluster Jewels Guide – Mechanics, Trading, Crafting

Path of Exile
The new Cluster jewels in Path of Exile's 3.10 Delirium are really powerful and offer something for just about every build. They are also quite easy to find, craft and trade! In this video I go over everything I've learned about them so far. Big Spreadhseet of jewel info. PoEDB Cluster Jewels. Custom Trade Search. Good AZT here and today I want to talk about all things a cluster jewels in part of exile I really like the cluster jewels...

Delirium Kinetic Bolt Elementalist Starter Build Guide – Path of Exile 3.10

Author: Aziire
Path of Exile
Lightning Bolt your way through the depths of Delirium with Kinetic Bolt! Links and Timestamps are just below. Thanks for watching, subscribe if you follow the guide :D Path of Building. Levelling Cheat Sheet. Forum Guide. Forum Build List. Timestamps: 00:00 - Build Intro. 01:47 - Pros. 03:57 - Cons. 05:28 - Offense. 07:05 - Defense. 08:00 - Levelling Trees. 08:03 - Bandits. 08:03 - Pantheon. 08:03 - Level 21 Passive Tree. 08:06 - Level 34 Passive Tree. 08:09 -...
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