Raid: Shadow Legends – Cillian The Lucky Champion Guide! Great Arena, Fireknight and Faction Wars!

Author: Hell Hades
Raid: Shadow Legends
Hey guys this is how ladies the snubber raid shadow legends video so we have got a guide on Killian the vaccaei the lucky I have built them up as I promised I said I'd do a guy today and I will here he is. Killian the lucky I have pushed him in probably a slightly different way to what I've seen so far that I think this is how he's going to be most useful for me he is...

Raid: Shadow Legends – Cillian The Lucky Guide #1

Author: StewGaming
Raid: Shadow Legends
Still here with raid shadow legends in sealian the lucky we're gonna go over everything this guy has to offer and I'll tell you right away I do not think this champion is bad whatsoever I don't feel like he has a good place in the game right now but as far as the character as far as his skills go right as far as his uses go I think he's a very balanced champion he has a lot going...

Raid: Shadow Legends – Champion Guide Wurlim Frostking

Author: Chofly Elite
Raid: Shadow Legends
Hey what's up this is chosen and this video is going to be a champion guide for the battle paths of voyage Andheri were Lim Frost King so let's get into it alrighty let's go ahead and pull up whirlwind frost King here we're gonna go Knight revenant up top right the defense void engineering world and frost king now as always for my champion guides down in the video description I will have one of these infographics that you...
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