Runescape – A Complete Guide to Solak for Beginners 2020

Author: The RS Guy
This guide explains every single mechanic of the Solak fight, as well as everything you will need to know to successfully take him down. Contents: Introduction - 0:00. Requirements - 1:13. Recommendations - 1:38. Familiars - 1:59. Things we will not be using - 2:35. Picking a combat style - 3:44. Gear and inventory setup (dps) - 4:37. Gear and inventory setup (base) - 6:25. Extra action button - 7:36. Phase 1 - 8:15. Pads - 8:25. Roots (ground) -...

RuneScape – AFK Money Making Guide 2020

Author: Silenced
Hey Guys! Welcome to my rs3 afk money making guide for 2020. In this video I have 7 Amazing money making methods for you so you should be able to find one money maker that works for you. A lot of these methods have pretty high level requirements however. This guide includes some of the best afk money making methods in runescape for 2020, I hope you enjoy! In this video: Spiritual Mages/Warriors - 0:21. Crystal Shapeshifters - 3:47. Equipment...
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