Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Terminology Guide

Author: HopCat
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Different kind of content today! Hopfully this helps you guys enjoy the rest of the my videos! Comment what kind of smash videos you want to see next. I've played a lot of smash and I watch a lot of smash and sometimes is easy to forget that when I play and commentate and throw around so many technical terms of radiations and acronyms but to the average person it might sound like we're speaking a totally a different language...

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Best Guide To Ultimate Jigglypuff (By Hungrybox)

Author: Hungrybox
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
You all asked for it and Hungrybox has delivered! Hbox reveals all of his secrets and knowledge on Jigglypuff in Smash Ultimate in this exclusive guide here. Rest kill percents. The most expensive pop tutorial of all time I'm gonna teach my sneakers in this game. As I said it for a while there we go this how well started alright everyone welcome to the official hungrybox ultimate puff tutorial it's been a while they've been promising this and now...
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